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Who are we?

Vision: All schools are vibrant, inclusive ecosystems that ensure every student thrives in school, work and life.

Mission: Generation Schools Network co-creates healthy school ecosystems by partnering with educators, students, families and communities to elevate the education experience.

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The Curriculum Team 

Meet the Generation Schools Network SEL & CCR experts who researched and developed the curriculum collections and professional development sequences. 

Dr. Lisa Leith, Chief of Field Services

Prior to joining GSN, Lisa was a Senior Consultant for the Colorado Department of Education and Vice President of Educator Effectiveness for the School Improvement Network. She is the author of the E-Book Pathways to Common Core Success and the chief architect of the In TASC-based Teacher Effectiveness Framework. Lisa also led the District School Improvement and Quality Assurance process as Director of Accountability and Accreditation for Thompson School District in Loveland, Colorado. Dr. Leith was a national coach for the Alternative High School Initiative (AHSI), supporting 10 innovative educational organizations in all aspects of educational and organizational development. Lisa also served for 7 years with The National Association of Street Schools, first as Principal of the Denver Street School and then as Vice President of School Development for a nation-wide network of more than 50 alternative schools. At GSN, Lisa oversees and drives school improvement work. To ensure relevance to the field, Lisa recently took a sabbatical to spend a year as a second grade teacher.

Annette Sloan, Senior Education Specialist

Annette Sloan is proud to be supporting GSN with the development of social-emotional curriculum. As a multi-passionate woman dedicated to heart-centered work that improves people’s lives, Annette's professional endeavors include education consulting as a grant- and curriculum writer as well as running her own life coaching practice that specializes in mindfulness coaching for sensitive souls. She also has her 200-hour yoga teacher certification. Prior to her current work, she was a wellness teacher who built an award-winning school-wide wellness program from the ground up. Annette earned her bachelor's degree in Human Communication from the University of Denver. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, reading, and playing in the Colorado outdoors.

Katie Peyton, Senior Project Manager

Katie currently serves as a Senior Project Manager for GSN and supports innovative projects such as the Student-Centered Accountability Program (S-CAP) and Turnaround Leadership. In these roles, she manages complex projects and ensures outcomes are met that improve school districts and advance student achievement through deeper learning. She has helped create curricular units for use in GSN’s Advocacy Program, and conducts assessments of school's use of time and space, and advises on instructional best practices. Previously, she worked as a high school English teacher and administrator for a community school in Cincinnati, Ohio for six years. Katie brings extensive experience in teacher coaching and development, holistic school improvement, and building relevant and innovative programs for students to her role at GSN. Katie has also worked as an expeditionary learning trip leader for Bold Earth in Golden, Colorado, during which time she gained skills in alternative teaching and learning styles that benefit the students in intensive learning opportunities.


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